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CKUA By-Laws


The official name of the association shall be the “Central Kentucky Umpires Association” hereinafter referred to as the “CKUA”. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The CKUA’s primary purpose shall be to serve as an organization for the recruitment, processing, training and scheduling umpires for Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA)-sanctioned baseball games. Additionally, the CKUA shall: a. Provide a means for the correct interpretation of the rules. b. Promote cooperation and understanding among all umpires, coaches and league officials. c. Foster high ethical standards. d. Further the interests of athletics generally by promoting a proper spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. e. Provide training and aid in the development of new and/or less experienced umpires who become members of the association. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Membership shall be open to all umpires who meet the following requirements: a. Annual registration with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA). b. Annual registration with the Central Kentucky Umpires Association (CKUA). Note: Proper registration does not guarantee game assignments. ARTICLE IV: ADMINISTRATION Section I. Officers The officers of the CKUA shall consist of a President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer who shall be elected annually by the general membership, and five (5) Board of Directors (hereinafter Board) members. Board members shall be selected (and any subsequent vacancies filled) by majority vote of members present at any regularly scheduled association meeting and shall serve for two years. A Training Officer shall be selected annually by the Board. Section II. Duties of Officers a. President: The President shall organize and preside at all CKUA meetings. The President shall be a voting member of the Board and shall preside over its meetings, and shall assist the assigning secretary as may be deemed necessary. b. President-elect: The president-elect shall carry out the duties of the President when the President is unable to function. The president-elect shall be a voting member of the Board and shall preside at its meetings in the absence of the President. The president-elect shall automatically become President of the CKUA the ensuing year. c. Secretary: The secretary shall keep records of all association and Board meetings and shall be a voting member thereof. The secretary shall assist the assigning secretary as may be deemed necessary. d. Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive and deposit funds in the name of the CKUA, maintain adequate financial records, pay all bills accrued by the CKUA, and present an annual financial report to the association. The treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board. e. Board of Directors The Board shall serve under the direction and at the discretion of the President and shall make all CKUA policy decisions. The Board shall annually select, present and promote to the general membership a slate of association officers to serve in each succeeding year. f. Training Officer The training officer shall be annually selected by the Board and shall organize and present informational and/or technical programs designed to improve umpiring quality. The training officer shall be a voting member of the Board. ARTICLE V: GENERAL The association shall follow all pertinent guidelines set forth in the KHSAA handbook. No CKUA by-laws or methods of operation shall contradict rules or recommendations listed in the KHSAA handbook. ARTICLE VI: ANNUAL DUES Annual dues shall be equal to one (current season) varsity game fee. Dues must be paid in order to be a CKUA member-in-good-standing and eligible for game assignments. ARTICLE VII: SCHEDULES a. All games shall be assigned by the CKUA’s assigning secretary and take priority over any other game assignments. b. Game schedules shall not be delivered to any umpire until he/she has met the requirements set forth in Article III, sections a and b (proper KHSAA and CKUA registration and fee payment) of these by-laws. Game schedules must be reviewed and upon acceptance, signed by the umpire, and returned to the assigning secretary by a designated date. c. After the date designated for signed schedules to be returned to the assigning secretary, any subsequent games turned back (turnbacks) shall have a $20.00 per game reassigning fee assessed, the umpire turning in those game(s) being responsible for payment. d. Umpires shall not make any game schedule changes, including position assignments, without assigning secretary approval. ARTICLE VIII: DRESS CODE AND UNIFORM Section I. The proper and required uniform for umpiring baseball with the CKUA shall be: a. Shirt: Dark blue polo-style shirt with red/white/blue trim and navy or red T- shirt or mock turtleneck. b. Shirt: (Optional) Red polo-style shirt with white/navy trim and navy T-shirt or mock turtleneck. c. Shirt: (Optional) Powder blue polo-style shirt with white/navy trim and navy T-shirt or mock turtleneck. d. The plate umpire may wear a white T-shirt instead of the colored T-shirts or mock turtlenecks described in a, b, and/or c above. e. Heather gray slacks. f. Black belt. g. Black or navy blue socks. h. Black shoes (white trim allowed) with black laces. Shoes are to be polished for each game. i. Fitted navy blue caps with approved CKUA logo. j. Dark blue pullover-style jacket with red, white and blue trim. k. Numbers are required and shall be worn on the right shirtsleeve. The assigning secretary shall assign umpire numbers. l. American flag patches may be worn on the left shirtsleeve. m. Turtlenecks and/or mock turtlenecks are to be navy blue or red. n. V-neck pullover sweaters (optional) must be navy blue. o. Plate coats (optional) must be navy blue and adequately sized to cover the chest protector. Plate coats shall be worn buttoned. Section II. The penalty for failure to comply with the CKUA dress code will be as follows: a. 1st Offense – Written warning from the assigning secretary. b. 2nd Offense – One (1) game suspension. c. 3rd Offense – Three (3) game suspension. The offender will be required to meet with and provide explanation to the Board of Directors and the assigning secretary who jointly may invoke additional sanctions. ARTICLE IX: PROCEDERUAL POLICIES a. The umpire designated “P” (plate) on the assignment sheet shall contact his/her partner(s) not later than 10:00 p.m. on the Sunday immediately preceding the scheduled contest to verify relative game and/or travel information. b. When an umpire is re-assigned to a contest (his/her name does not appear on the original assignment sheet), the reassigned umpire shall be responsible for contacting his/her partner(s) as provided by the assigning secretary. c. Umpires should arrive at the game site thirty (30) minutes prior to the contest, but under no circumstances later than fifteen (15) minutes prior to game time. d. Umpires are required to bring all game equipment (plate and base) to the game site regardless of assigned position. ARTICLE X: MEETINGS AND CLINICS Each member will be required to attend six (6) association meetings in order to be considered eligible for post-season assignment(s). Annual KHSAA (state) rules clinic attendance shall count as one association meeting and is a requirement for post-season assignment eligibility. Attendance at training clinics designated and/or approved by the Board or the KHSAA shall count toward attendance requirements. CKUA-assigned games on scheduled meeting nights shall count as one association meeting attended. Failure to meet attendance requirements shall result in INELIGIBILITY for post-season assignment(s). ARTICLE XI: TEST REQUIREMENTS Umpires who desire to be eligible for post-season assignments in any given year must take the National Federation Part II test at an association meeting and make a score equal to or greater than 70 percent. Failure to do so will result in post-season assignment ineligibility for that season. (Passage of the Part II test does not guarantee post-season assignment(s).) Note: First-year umpires are not eligible for post-season assignments unless express permission is granted by the KHSAA Deputy Commissioner of Baseball, at the request of the assigning secretary. ARTICLE XII. CONDUCT OF BUSINESS Twenty percent (20%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote with a quorum present is required to amend the by-laws.